How to Write a Closing Paragraph

You will need: 2 sheets of notebook paper, pen/pencil

Assignment Directions:

  1. Select any link to the right.
  2. Write the complete web address down on your own paper.
  3. Identify 2 tips on writing a closing paragraph from that link.
  4. Write those tips down on your paper, underneath the link you wrote down.
  5. Repeat until you have visited at least 4 websites and identified 2 tips from each one.



Take out a sheet of your own notebook paper and plan an essay based on the following prompt:

Situation: Many people know someone who has an interesting life. Many people would like to trade places with that person.

Directions: Think about someone you know that seems to have an interesting life that you would like to trade places with.

Prompt: Now, write to explain why you would want to trade places with them for one day.

Once you have completed the plan, write a closing paragraph for that essay. Make sure you use some of the tips you found on the internet in your closing paragraph. You do not have to write the entire essay, just the closing paragraph.


You may have to scroll down on each page to find the section on closing paragraphs.

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